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Discover the secrets to creating successful business relationships in China for only $19.95

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Discover the secrets to creating successful business relationships in China.

Spanning over 100 pages and 18 chapters, “Know China Business” opens the doors to doing business successfully in “The Middle Kingdom”. Years of in-depth research and practical business experience unlocks the secrets you need to know to be successful.

And now, for only $19.95, this comprehensive guide can teach you how to thrive in one of the most dynamic, complex, and promising markets in the world.

  • Do you know the top reasons why so many businesses fail to succeed in China while others achieve success?
  • Do you realize how much more you could improve your international partnerships if only you knew how?
  • Have you considered what it would mean to your business if you understood how to live and work in China and eliminate awkward social and business situations?
  • How much more successful could you be when you know how to thrive in one of the most dynamic, complex, and promising markets in the world?

China has always been a mystery to the businesses of the West. We are just now learning how different our cultures are and how difficult it can be to conduct business overseas.

Indeed! Many multinational companies and business people with more than 20 years of experience in their home countries have failed in China.

Know China Business is the absolute key to success and making money in China.

I particularly enjoyed “Know China Business” for its intelligent examination of the historical and cultural elements that have shaped modern China, its people and the local business environment. It’s an entertaining read as well, with lots of real-world anecdotes and useful snippets of advice on how not only to survive but thrive in a setting which can be confusing and difficult for new-comers. Josh and Jon know China business, and it shows.

Dave Silver

President, BiotechEast Co., Ltd.

There is no question that the most difficult challenges businesses in the West face include cracking the code to “The Middle Kingdom.” It is THE market with unrivaled opportunities waiting for those who have what it takes to take advantage of them. And now you can!

Know China Business is your passport to success.

With over 20 years of experience living and working in China, authors Joshua Campbell and Matthew Jones deliver the ultimate insider’s edge to working and succeeding in China.

  • Joshua uses his experience working for international public relations firms and advertising agencies to show you how to gain insight analysis and deliver influential business proposals to international clients.
  • Take advantage of Joshua’s perspective of Chinese business policies to tailor a business strategy that works for you.
  • His time spent studying the social, political and economical practices of a culture half way around the world is your ticket to success!
  • Matthew’s unique tips and concepts give you a competitive advantage in the China marketplace.
  • More than a decade of experience will prepare you to avoid the pitfalls of working with a business culture that is unfathomable by so many!
  • Benefit from Matthew’s finance and banking background to develop international relationships and networks.

From the moment you begin KNOW CHINA BUSINESS you get a real-world, inside view to the cultural, social and professional nuances of a country that has remained closed to the West for so long. The insight you will gain reaches far beyond a business transaction, a negotiation or a handshake.

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Written in a complete, concise and easy-to-digest way, Know Chinese Business reminds us that, Just because cultures collide, doesn’t mean they have to clash!

In this e-book you will discover:

  • Why it’s important to begin with yourself and know what you bring to the table
  • How the Chinese approach business
  • How the Chinese view win/win negotiations
  • And much, much more.

Know China Business will save you months of research getting to know the professional mannerisms, customs and rituals of the Chinese business world. And how you can seamlessly fit into it to achieve real results.

Whereas some of the new crop of books on business in China bog down on facts and figures doomed to obsolesce shortly after publishing due to the breakneck pace of economic and cultural change in greater China, “Know China Business” takes a timeless principles based approach. Starting with an exploration of the cultural underpinnings of East and West, it informs the reader with knowledge of the salient social and cultural norms of China regarding building relationships and trust, social hierarchy and “face”, and notions of self and other as it pertains to the individual and society at large. With this foundation, the reader has a context to understand the many practical suggestions offered within for how to communicate, lead, negotiate and thrive within the Chinese economy. Concise and readable, this book should come to be known as the quick start primer for anyone doing business in greater China.

Jim Lehman

Entrepreneur, Restaurateur

Don’t even think about leaving the country without knowing how to successfully do business in China first.

Remove the borders and overcome the barriers to culture by understanding theirs and how best to present yours.

Whether you’re simply interested in everything happening in China or a serious businessperson looking to make things happen, this is the place to start. If you have to pack one thing to go overseas, this is it!

Things that this e-book will help you be successful in business with China include knowing:

  • What business material and information is appreciated by the Chinese
  • Why the Chinese dislike surprises
  • The ins and outs of Chinese professionalism and what’s expected of you
  • The ebb and flow of Chinese meetings
  • How a good interpreter can reap huge rewards

From the very simple to the more comprehensive, you’ll encounter concepts presented in these pages that will help people in any area of business from sales to marketing to international investing, employee relations and negotiating.

We’ve all read plenty of books about China that drone on about vague concepts of ‘face’ and ‘guanxi’ but offer little practical advice. This book by Jones and Campbell is different. Although they do touch on these familiar subjects, more importantly they offer a thoughtful compendium of specific tips that expatriates can put to immediate use. Anyone who plans to do business in China will benefit from reading this book, as will those of us who are already here.

David Allan

Flextronics International

The Authors

Matthew Jones – After more than a decade of doing business successfully in Asia, Matthew turns his focus toward helping others navigate the complex Chinese business arena. He brings useful tips and key concepts that help readers capitalize on his experience. These must-know actionable processes range from the more basic to the most critical things you need to know when dealing with the Chinese. With a background in banking and finance, Matthew brings a real understanding for how to develop international relationships and networks. He has successfully conducted mergers, financing and public listings for Chinese corporations of all sizes.

Joshua Campbell – While working in international public relations and advertising agencies, Joshua has developed a definitive perspective of Chinese business policies, roles and expectations. On a day-to-day basis, he has been involved in strategic planning, extensive research development projects, conducting consumer insight analysis and delivering new business proposals to international clients. With a full scholarship to National Taiwan Normal University, Joshua not only studied Mandarin culture, but also immersed himself in the social, political and economical practices of a culture half